Beat Collective

We are an inclusive community of music producers based mostly in Melbourne, Australia, providing a platform for personal, professional and creative development.

We believe that as a music producer, two of the best things you can have are deadlines and limitations. Because of this, we host regular creative challenges to help producers hone their craft and get better at working more quickly, efficiently, and most importantly, creatively.

If you're a music producer and want to take part in our regular creative challenges, all you have to do is head on over to our forum on Discord to check out what's coming up! It's all free!

Listen to Recent Challenges

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Starting from humble beginnings in 2017, we began to make a name for ourselves in the Melbourne electronic music producer community through our fortnightly online creative challenges. Expanding on the idea of pushing music producers to improve themselves and their skills, we started hosting monthly nights at The Workshop in Melbourne's CBD.

These nights showcased a large variety of live electronic music and gave local producers a way to get out of the bedroom and onto the stage.

The fortnightly challenges continued for a number of years on our own website forum where many tracks were submitted.

In 2022 we have moved our forum onto the Discord platform to continue the creative challenges as a community.

Discord allows us to share moderation - sharing responsibility makes light work for everyone, ensures our values of being an inclusive community are upheld, and keeps things sustainable.

Beat Collective

An inclusive community of music producers

Beat Collective