Juniper 9

Juniper 9

This month’s challenge was all about Tuvan throat singing.

If you’re not familiar with that unearthly yet beautiful vocal technique, check it out on Youtube. A unique contribution came from musician and producer Juniper9. Taylor lists his skills as Musician/band, Songwriter, Lyricist, Guitarist, Keys, Drums, Vocals and Sound Designer.

Spectoral said “I got chatting to Taylor the other day about… Tuvan throat singing of course. And he is such a sound engineering geek he did a couple of experiments and worked out it’s some form of Ring Modulation (?!?!!?) applied onto a drone, and so of course, in true Juniper 9 fashion he went and created a full SYTRUS synth patch to simulate Tuvan Throat Singing on his own vocal.”

In his own words “the synth patch is a single cycle of me singing clean, and then that is Frequency modulated and Ring Modulated to try and mimic how throat singing works.”

Listen to our Playlist to hear just a few of the submissions for the creative challenge this round…